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Un estudio realizado en 2020 reveló que el 53% de los jóvenes tendrá un teléfono móvil a los siete años.  Para ayudar a los padres a que sus hijos utilicen la tecnología digital, los profesores del MARC (Centro de Reducción de la Agresión de Massachusetts) han creado una nueva adición a la serie de libros Insanely Awesome. Insanely Awesome Adventures Online (Aventuras increíblemente asombrosas en línea) utiliza rimas divertidas, ilustraciones coloridas y un humor suave para ayudar a los niños de 5 a 7 años a entender cómo utilizar la tecnología digital de forma segura y responsable. Este libro ilustrado, positivo, divertido y accesible, ayuda a los niños a tomar buenas decisiones sobre el uso de la tecnología digital de una manera apropiada para su edad y para los niños.

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Insanely Awesome Adventures Online Available Now!

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A 2020 study found that 53% of youngsters will own a cell phone by the age of seven.  To help parents support their young kids’ use of digital technology, the faculty at the MARC (Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center) have created a new addition to the Insanely Awesome Book Series. Insanely Awesome Adventures Online uses rollicking rhyme, colorful illustrations, and gentle humor to help kids aged 5-7 understand how to use digital technology safely and responsibly. This positive, funny, and accessible picture book helps kids learn to make good choices about digital tech use in an age-appropriate and kid-friendly way.

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Insanely Awesome Adventures Online - Available NOW! 

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Kids with Capes


Science To The Rescue!

Kid Getting Vaccinated

The vaccine is finally here for children ages 5-11.
Millions of parents are overjoyed, but kids may be   feeling a mix of emotions.

They've seen their parents and their siblings get the  
shot, but they may still have questions, and may      
even be a little fearful.

          A perfect balance of science, humor, and                 kid-crafted illustrations, this short chapter shares      details about vaccine development, testing, and       what it's like to get the shot.

         Kids will laugh as they learn, and will feel                    more comfortable and confident as they line              up for their 'Faucie Ouchie."

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New for FALL 2021

 Kids Teaching Kids

Based on well-researched concepts, kid tested and parent approved! Each lesson includes reading assignments, videos (for kids by kids!) along with reflection questions and journal entries.  
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The Insanely Awesome Internet Book

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November 2021

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Teacher and Kids in Library

These books are great! As a mental health professional I can attest that some of the materials out there for kids are DARK. Not so here. It's funny, light but finds a way to circle in all of the issues kids are dealing with: remote learning, social distancing, sleep hygiene, appropriate screen use, etc. It also reminds us that when our emotions get bigger than what we can handle, it's TOTALLY ok to seek help.

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Dr. Elizabeth Englander is a Psychology professor and the founder and Executive Director of the Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center at Bridgewater State University, a Center that delivers research, resources and programs about social emotional learning and peer relationships. She is a nationally recognized researcher and speaker, and the author of several books and more than a hundred articles.

Dr. Katharine Covino is an Assistant Professor of English Studies who teaches writing, literature, and teacher-preparation classes at Fitchburg State University.  Her research interests include critical pedagogy, gender, and identity. She has published and presented on issues related to literacy praxis. Prior to teaching at the university level, she taught middle school and high school in Austin, Texas.  She is also a children’s book author with multiple upcoming projects in the works.