Kids Reading Book in Park

Curriculum Overview

Segment 1: Questions About Masks

Lesson 1: Why Do We Have
To Wear Masks?

Lesson 2: Why Do Some People/Places Have You Wear Masks and Others Don't?

Segment 2: Questions About Social Distancing

Lesson 3: What is social distancing?

Lesson 4:
Why Do We Have To Social Distance?

Segment 3: Questions About Delta

Lesson 5: I Thought The Pandemic Was Over? Why Is It Coming Back Again?

Lesson 6: What Is Delta and Is It A Different Virus?

Segment 4: Questions About School and Friends

Lesson 7: What Will It Be
Like To Be In School Again?

Lesson 8:
Will My School Go
Remote Again?

Segment 5: Questions About Vaccines

Lesson 9: What Is A Vaccine And How Does It Work?

Lesson 10:
When Can I Get
The Vaccine?

Segment 6: Questions About Feelings And Worries

Lesson 11: Why Do I Feel Worried and Sad Sometimes?

Lesson 12:
How Can I Help Myself
Feel Better?